How to Pick The Right Venue For Your Event Entertainment

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right venue for your event entertainment.

Size Matters

The venue’s total capacity should be the first thing you take into consideration. It’s similar to Goldilocks: the venue should not be too big for your event, but it also should not be too small. The trick is to find a venue that’s just right. A lot of event planners build working relationships with several venues, which can help save a lot of time and effort when arranging the logistics. But it’s essential to remember that just because a venue worked for one type of event, the same might not necessarily be true for another type. The type of event you are organizing will be your initial step towards finding out the right size venue to meet your needs. The guest count can vary wildly between public and private events, so you must take that into account.

If you are hosting a personal or even more intimate event, you don’t need 10,000 sq ft of space — it will make your event look sparsely-attended, and it’s hard to love an event when it looks like nobody’s there. However, a small space may not be the best option for a public event; you never want to turn people away at the door (or, even worse, get turn off because you’re over capacity), so if you are doing a public event, more space is usually a good thing.


The layout of the venue is also important, but selecting the proper layout for you depends on the type of event you’re planning — and what role you expect the event entertainment to try out during the event. If there is another purpose for the event and the entertainer is playing more of a background role, it is okay to book a venue that carries a lot of edges or angles. In fact, a huge open space probably is not suitable, since your guests will obviously focus on the entertainer, which might not be what you want. On the other hands, if you are expecting the entertainment to be a key level of the event, then the format of the venue is highly important; some venues are much more better than others when it comes to hosting events that are based around event entertainment. A venue with an open floor plan that gives 180 degrees of clear, unobstructed views of the stage is a far better option than a single with lots of edges or angles.

So if your entertainer is the primary selling factor for your event, you have to deliver on that promise. For doing that, your audience and the artist both need to enjoy the show, and that’s a lot trickier to do if they can’t even see each other..

Entertainer’s Needs

When picking a venue, several event planners focus on the guests’ satisfaction. However, if the event is going to include entertainment, you have to consider whether the venue is a superb fit for the entertainer as well. After all, a pleasant entertainer is much more likely to put on a superb show than a dissatisfied one, and a good show will make your guests more joyful. Here are some of the things you need to consider.

Sound & Acoustics

First off, if you are booking a musical act, consider the sound setup. If the venue you have in mind does not have a great in-house sound system or the important equipment for a musical act, you are going to have to rent it, which will push up the cost of the event. The acoustics of the venue are also important. Music artists want to put on the ideal show they can for the event’s guests, but bad acoustics can make that nearly impossible. So if you are thinking of booking a musical act for your event, start off by looking at venues that are known for hosting live shows — they’ll probably have most of (if not all) the tools you’ll need, and the acoustics are bound to be better than those of, say, an art gallery.


When booking event entertainment, the contract will generally include a “rider”; that is, needs for what the entertainer needs when they are at the venue but not performing. This can consist of the sound setup, food and drinks, but it often also includes a personal area for the entertainer to get ready for the show.

Most recognized entertainers won’t be satisfied if they have to get ready for their performance in a passageway or a bathroom, and you don’t want them getting distracted or interupted by the people at your event — specially before their performance. So if the entertainer you have selected requires a private place to relax, the venue you choose needs to include a room that will only be obtainable to the entertainer and their team.

Venue Location

Lastly, an entertainer’s rider also determines their needs for travel and lodging. As the event planner, you are often responsible for covering those expenditures, and if your venue is truly far out of the way, your costs could increase. For example, if you choose a venue that’s not near any major airports, the entertainer’s air travel will be much more costly. And if the only appropriate hotel for the entertainer is an hour-plus aside from the venue, you will end up paying much more for their transportation to and from your event.

As mentioned before, a happy entertainer means a better performance. And whether or not it’s is a focal point of your event, a good performance from your entertainment will enhance the overall experience of the event. Picking the right venue is the first step in setting your event up to be as fun and memorable as possible.

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